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Cakes have become the most popular and sought-after dessert at various ceremonies across different cultures. Cakes belong to the family of baked sweet desserts. Some historians believe that cakes were first prepared in ancient Greece. In ancient Greek, cakes were known as ‘plakous’, which means ‘flat’. The first cakes were prepared with honey and nuts.

Based on the difference in shapes and sizes, there are large cakes and small cakes. Large cakes are baked as a single dish, and then sliced into individual portions and served to people. On the other hand, small cakes are baked separately into small molds sized for individual portions. Cup cakes are an example of small cakes that are baked in cup-shaped molds.

Cake decoration is equally important as baking tasty cakes. Decorating a plain cake makes it look more appealing, vibrant, and tastier. As cakes are meant for different celebrations, there are different cake designs one can choose or create to decorate a cake. Normally, icing and frosting are used for the decoration.

In case you want to pursue cake making as a profession, you first need to join professional workshops and certified cake baking course and class in Mumbai. Also, there are cake baking classes in Mumbai for beginners and advanced levels. Besides, there are many certificate diploma cakes making courses in Mumbai which you can opt for. As cake decoration is integral to cake making, you also need to join cake decorating classes in Mumbai for beginners.

  • Course Duration: 7 Hours
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