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Paper bags are a type of carry bags made from recycled paper. The recycled paper can be bleached or unbleached. The unbleached paper is brown in color, whereas the bleached one is white in color.

As paper bags are recycled paper bags, they are gradually replacing plastic bags from the market in India. They are eco-friendly unlike plastic bags that cause environmental pollution to a great extent. The government has made it mandatory for companies and big retail shops to give products in paper bags. However, small-scale vendors such as vegetable vendors are still not following the practice of using them.

Paper bags are been increasingly used as gift bags everywhere. People are using paper bags for giving corporate gifts and personal gifts. They are machine-made as well as hand-made. Moreover, the handmade paper bag manufacturing is one of the traditional industries of the world and is still in demand today. Handmade paper, used to make a paper bag, can be classified on the basis of its sheet making process.

Making them is a creative activity that gives you lot of scope to experiment with new designs and colors. These handmade paper bags can also be easily made at home. Making homemade paper bags can become a favorite pastime for kids during vacation. Children can browse the websites on paper bag gifts to search for an appropriate gift, and use their own handmade bag to give the gift to their friends.

If you want to start your own  bag making business, then you need to enroll yourself in any of the professional certified paper bag course & workshops in Mumbai. Alternatively, you can choose from any of the certificate diploma paper bag courses in Mumbai.

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