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  • 18 Nov
  • 2021

Why is Skill Development important in India?

Skilldevelopment is a medium through which someone can improve their career statusand become capable enough to achieve more success in life. Success is definedby how skilful a person is. Learning new skills is and will always be a greatoption.

India is acountry where the literacy rate is just 70% which is very low when compared toother developing nations. Without appropriate knowledge and training, it isvery difficult to perform a task. This contributes to the unemployment numberof the country. An unskilled citizen cannot be an active economic contributorto the country as well.

In adensely populated nation like India, millions of people are battling againsteach other for jobs. While some qualify for the work, most of them remainunemployed as they lack the skill required to perform the tasks. According tosome surveys, only around 25% of the Indian workforce is skilled.

In the caseof women, the number of skilled candidates drops even low. Most women here getmarried and depend on their husbands for their livelihood. This is what needsto change. Participating in various skill development programs can give themmuch needed exposure. They can also have the opportunities to identify theirareas of interest.

Skilldevelopment programmes are not limited to a particular skill. You can learnanything that seems interesting to you and later also try and pursue the skillprofessionally. If skill development is promoted well, there is a possibilitythat India might see brighter days ahead in terms of development.

What skilldevelopment will do to India is that it will empower individuals and alsoimprove social acceptance. The current government in India is also paying goodimpetus on developing a highly-skilled workforce.

If you area woman and want to learn a new skill or develop a skill that you areinterested in, Safal Women’s Academy is a platform that will guide you. It is adream platform built specifically for women. The motto of Safal Women’s Academyis to help women move ahead and get skilled so that they can lead independentlives.

We offervarious courses, conduct workshops and also grant certifications all over thecountry. Safal Women’s Academy is a part of the mighty Safal Education Group.Driven by skills, Safal Women’s Academy is all set to change the scenario ofskill development in India. Thousands of women have shown their desire to learnnew skills and take them to the next level.

You canattend workshops for Mehendi making, bag making, chocolate making, shortcourses for knitting and sewing, stock trading, learning musical instrumentsand much more. Certified courses for skills like graphology, calligraphy,content writing, jewellery designing and more are made available by SafalWomen’s Academy.

Learning askill or developing it cannot be easier than this. Get in touch with our teamat Safal Women’s Academy and enquire about the skills you want to learn.

It’s alwaysgoing to be tough, but learning a new skill will be of no harm.

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