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  • 20 Nov
  • 2021

Women Empowerment in India

In today’sera, women are on the rise all over the globe. They are emerging as efficientand successful leaders putting a halt to all the questions raised in the past.Even when the pandemic struck the world, countries and regions governed bystrong women emerged out of the situation earlier.

In Indiahowever, the concept of women empowerment is dependent on different factorsincluding rural or urban backgrounds, education, social status and many more.Women empowerment takes place at all stages of society, but even today youmight come across a tremendous gap between the strategy and execution of womenempowerment plans.

For theconcept of empowerment to boom in India, it is essential to have an appropriateframework in place. Apart from this awareness plays a major role in speakingabout the empowerment of women. In our country which comprises 50% of women,most of them are dependent on their husbands or families for their livelihood.This situation needs to change. We few women in our country seek employmentwith free will. Many are even denied education, especially those who live inthe rural parts.

With time,there is an evolution that has taken place and now women are taking thoseimportant strides towards independence. Women are given the status of goddessesin India and it’s high time they are treated equally. Women are known toperform different roles in a lifetime. They can either be caring mothers orloving sisters, teachers and even colleagues.

How can we boost womenempowerment in India?

Womenempowerment in Indian has recently been given necessary emphasis causing therise of several powerful women entrepreneurs. There are factors we need to winover so that the concept of empowerment survives in India. These factors aregender discrimination, lack of education, attitude towards women and many more.

Women Empowermentis something that can add substantial value to society. The government is alsotaking necessary measures to drive women to be independent and contribute tothe economy.

Safal Women’s Academy is an organization that aims atcreating a community of strong and independent women through skill developmentcourses and workshops. After impacting the lives of more than a thousand women,Safal Women’s Academy is all set to expand to all parts of the country andextend its support to women from all phases of life and encourage them to leadan independent and better life.


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