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Explore hand embroidery for beginners as a fun, relaxing way to bring your inspirations to life! Join author Jessica Marquez, and learn essential techniques that ensure your stitches are consistent every time you pick up a project. Refresh your basic skills with smooth satin stitches that won’t pucker and French Knots that always stay put, and use whipped and threaded stitches for an impressive look with easy execution

Requirements For This Course:

One meter fabric and matching thread, Hooks, Buttons, Wooden square, Hand needles (No. 5 & 8), Machine Needles (No. 14), Needle screw, Shears of Seissors, Diagram Book, Plastic scale, French curve, Measuring Tape, Tailor's chalk, Bobbin, Bobbin case, Pencil, Eraser, Pearl head pins.

For all those who love needlework, using shaped mirrors learn techniques using various different stitches including long stitch, chain stitch and french knots. Embroidery, like every other art form, needs to be understood to be fully appreciated and enjoyed. Insight of the principles nurtures the urge to "paint" with needle and thread.

  • Course Duration: 7 Hours
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