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"ISDI’s first-year course of study immerses students in an exploration of design and innovation concepts, skills and critical practices, training them to become flexible thinkers and lifelong learners." 

Classes focusing on broadly relevant design concepts, tools, and methods (including studios exploring 2D and 3D processes, drawing, and digital design as well as liberal arts seminars) bring together students who are passionate about all kinds of art and design and who will one day forge new paths in an array of disciplines. This interaction is a central aspect of the first-year experience. Today's classmates are tomorrow's colleagues. 

First-Year Studio: Drawing and Imaging - 3 credits

In this studio, students explore human interaction with the visual world and create two-dimensional works using digital tools such as adobe illustrator and photoshop, drawing, photography, and mixed media. They investigate perception, representation, and culture as they record and then translate observations into visual form, organizing content, analyzing relationships, and communicating ideas.

A History of the World Told through Objects - 3 credits

This lecture-and-discussion seminar traces world history through the social, cultural, technological, and religious functions of objects found in collections throughout the world and Mumbai. Readings, lectures, and field trips to museums introduce students to objects representing a span of time from prehistory up to the Industrial Revolution. Students conduct research on objects used by society and report their findings in written form and presentations.

  • Throughout the course curriculum students can focus on the following subject areas:

    • Socio-Cultural Fashion Contexts

    • Historical Fashion Contexts

    • Fashion Digital Design

    • Surface Textile Processes

    • Design Concepts & Construction

    • Fashion Industry Sustainability

    • Fashion Textile Design

    • Patternmaking/Draping/Drafting

    • Fashion Business (Systems Thinking)

    • Fashion Entrepreneurship / Professional Practice

    As a Fashion Designer from ISDI, you are ready to enter the world of fashion in areas like costume design, accessory design, marketing, merchandising, styling, curatorial work, forecasting, and interior design.

    This course provides the student with an opportunity to develop a personal design philosophy. Students will be encouraged to define themselves within a market category. As the fourth in a six? course core sequence, students will begin to theorize and contextualize their own work in readiness for senior capstone experience/final major project.

  • Course Duration: 2
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