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The free online graphology courses provide up-to-date and illustrated learning materials. It is open to all people interested in the subject: Students, teachers, human resources professionals, psychologists. Study wherever you are and whenever you want.

The Online Course of introduction to graphology aims to introduce this wonderful technique that is graphology to each participant, understanding the fundamental concepts in a simple way, developing an inward look that leads to self-knowledge and discovery of your partner, friends, co-workers.

Graphology is a technique whose purpose is to study the personality through the interpretation of handwriting.

The way of writing is unique to each of us. The brain sends the orders to the muscles of the hand so that they execute each one of the movements in the paper, revealing personality traits.

Whether you want to explore the fascinating world of handwriting analysis as a hobby or want to become a professional graphologist, SWA has a course to help you realize your dreams.

Handwriting Analysis – Alphabets a to z covers the behavior interpretation of all alphabets in the English language. Become a Pro Handwriting Analyst: Graphology for all scripts teaches you how to analyze handwriting in English and other languages.

  • Course Duration: 24 Hours
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