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The goal is to produce inspirational students, broaden their creative energy, and make them more confident in their abilities. When you are able to inspire one's mind and allow the freedom of their own artistry, you have educated in a way the person will never forget.

These courses will provide you with an understanding of the hairstyling techniques and the products used in the preparation of hair, concentrating on the current trends in styling hair for bridal, advertising, publicity and catwalk. They include styling theory and practical training, back combing, roller setting, pinning, finger waving, braiding, classics, hair sculpting, up-dos, long hair designs and highly creative looks and techniques of editorial, catwalk and avant garde hairstyling.

Equipment Needed

All styling tools, rollers and Styling Head with Long Hair with a floor stand.

Hairdressing in an essential part to the world of Fashion and Beauty and here at SWA we have designed programmes of study to support you in developing your hairdressing career pathway. 

Becoming a hairdresser will open up a wide range of career opportunities to you and give you access to an industry that is currently thriving and expanding!

  • Course Duration: 1 Month
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