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Gift a Skill

We at Safal Womens' Academy offer different courses through which women can upskill themselves and lead independent lives.

Learning a particular skill is not that difficult. All you need is the right source that provides you with appropriate training, expertise and knowledge about the skill you want to learn. We at Safal Womens' Academy act as this source and assist in the skill development of women coming from all walks of life. If you are a woman who wishes to upskill, you can go through our list of courses and choose the most suitable one.

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Corporate Programme

Gaining knowledge and doing something you have never done before sounds so much fun, right! Learn new skills in a very flexible way with SWA.

Is there something that has fascinated you? For example, painting, calligraphy, graphology etc, but you could not pursue them due to some other priorities? We at SWA, allow you to explore the side of yours that always wanted to try a new skill. Safal Womens' Academy conducts exclusive workshops for fun activities like chocolate making, sketching, candle making and many more.

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SWA Community

You can now be a part of a community that is skilled and independent. You can share and learn about certain skills and experiences by being a part of the group.

From the very start, SWA is all about building a powerful community of skilled women that have an impact on the economy of the nation. Through our community, women can know about each other, learn and share their experiences. This will increase the strength of the community and also inspire more women to join us

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Safal Womens' Academy can be a facilitator to various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. We also conduct recreational workshops for the employee groups in an organization.

CSR is an activity conducted by various firms across the country with an aim to contribute to the welfare of society. Here, SWA can join hands with CSR initiatives and promote skill learning across the masses. Providing courses can not only develop skills but also create opportunities for individuals at the receiving end of the CSR activity.

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