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While window shopping on a weekend, you may have come across fabrics dyed in beautiful and colorful patterns. If you are wondering how such amazing prints are available at reasonable prices widely, then you must know about tie and dye. Tie and dye is one of the most ancient ways of printing textiles in the world.

Tie and Dye prints are widely used to make home décor items like bedsheets, cushion covers, and wall hangings; articles of clothing like t-shirts, dupattas, sarees, and shawls; accessories such as bags. These products are easily available at any craft bazaar and craft shops in main commercial markets.

In case you want to take it as a profession, then you first need to learn to do tie and dye for beginners. You can also learn how to tie and dye in any of the professional certified workshops tie dye course in Mumbai. It won’t be difficult because there are many certificate diploma tie-n-dye courses in Mumbai.

Vocational Courses developed and prepared to professionally upgrade a student for starting their own Small Scale industry in Tie-dye.

A Vocational home Craft which can be started at home at no cost at all, it is  an extremely simple craft were Tie-and-dye patterns are greatly enhanced when the craft is carried out on a length of cloth, dyed with areas of plain colour or texture it

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